Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paternity tests at clearance prices

Holy crap. What a week.

This past week was one of the weirdest ones I've had at my job in a long time. I can't tell you what happened because rules at work don't allow it and I'd like to stay employed. But, I can safely tell you some behind the scenes drama made it a weird five days.

As far as this weekend, Anthony and I spent yesterday afternoon in the 80+ degree weather attempting to do some yard work. We have both decided we're in no shape to do yard work but it's not in our budget to hire somebody. So, we're a couple of sore guys today. I'm going to be that old man out in the yard waving my rake at neighborhood kids yelling "get off my lawn" sooner than I'd like to admit.

This afternoon, I went to Reid Park in midtown Tucson and shot some photos of my friend Rene. She wanted to do a photo shoot in honor of her 50th birthday and we had a good time along with her mom in the beautiful weather creating some fun photos. Her mom also learned what a "duck face" is.

Tonight, it was a trip to the grocery store for Anthony and I at the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco. He ordered a pizza earlier in the day so we didn't have dinner together. Consequently, you don't get any restaurant photos today. I hope that you can deal with your grief.

I'm typing this and watching the Grammy Awards while finishing my laundry. I just saw Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney perform together during the show. Paul looked a bit out of place but the real surprise was finding out that Kanye can sing. Who knew.

Nut Thins
Sounds like a date I've had.

Red Velvet Pop Tarts
They'll turn any food into red velvet these days.
I'm waiting for red velvet pizza.

Someone left a clove of garlic
with the extra virgin olive oil.
Even weirder...
someone left these Valentine chocolates
with the canola oil.
Now THAT sounds like a date I've had.

Chips Ahoy Birthday Frosting filled cookies
This doesn't even need a caption.
Holy crap.

DNA Paternity test... on clearance!
Is the baby yours?
You'll find out at this special low price
plus the $129 lab fee.
Maury Povich needs to rush down to Walmart Market
and get these while they're on sale.

OraQuick In-Home HIV test
"Because knowing is the best thing"
when it's $20.88 cheaper.

Sneaky photo of Anthony number one:
He's checking out the whey.
Now all he needs is curds.

Oh Anthony... I have something for you...
here's the One A Day women's over 50 vitamins.

Sneaky photo of Anthony number two:
He had a fifteen minute conversation with
this woman about how the wrong protein
supplement can make men's boobs grow larger.