Thursday, February 12, 2015

A woman talks to a dress and a dog reads a magazine

A couple of fun photos from today's TV show production:

I shot the first photo at a moment during a segment where it appears that the guest is having a conversation with a wedding dress. It seems plausible. Who hasn't chatted with a dress?

The second was of a dog from Pima Paws For Life that was waiting to get his few minutes on the show. He was in the green room sniffing around and I shot a photo of him appearing to inspect the reading material. He had as difficult of a time deciding what he liked as most humans do.

She may have been talking to the dress
but the dress didn't have anything to say.

Galaxy the dog inspects the reading material
in my office / green room.
I think he was disappointed I didn't
have a copy of "Cat Fancy".