Friday, February 27, 2015

A little excitement around here. Very little.

I've lived in this house for a few months now. It's been nice to have the space. I'm not a big fan of the condition of the yard, but it's been easy to take Lucky outside in the backyard to do his doody duty.

One thing that is different living here is the lack of opportunities to shoot photos of neighborhood excitement. By excitement, I mean police, fire, emergency crews doing the fine job that they do. It's so darned quiet on this street that compared to when we lived at Ridgepointe, there haven't been any opportunities to shoot emergency responders at work putting out fires, fighting crime, helping people with their medical emergencies, hunting down perps.... until today.

I heard a siren that sounded pretty close right after I got home from work. I ran and grabbed a camera, full of hope and anticipation. And, there it was. A fire truck in front of a house a block away. I couldn't tell why they were there. My guess is a medical issue of some sort.

It was momentarily exciting. I'll take what I can get.

A fire truck with it's emergency lights
blinking at a house a block away
from where I live.

A car drove by.
Bonus excitement.