Sunday, February 22, 2015

First visit to Serial Grillers

Anthony left our Sunday dinner choice up to me today and I decided that we should try a place we've never been to before: Serial Grillers on Speedway Blvd.

Serial Grillers is a restaurant that started out as a local food truck, and they added the restaurant after the truck business was successful. I heard that the food is good, so with the dinner decision left up to me.... Anthony was stuck with what my imagination could come up with.

Their menu primarily consists of pizza, sandwiches (hot and cold), paninis, cheesesteaks, burgers, and ice cream.

The restaurant was about half full (pretty good for a Sunday evening in Tucson) and although it didn't take long for them to take our order, it took a while for them to bring out the food. Anthony ordered a pizza which was the likely culprit for the delay, and I had a cheeseburger and fries.

The ambience is what I'd describe as "urban grunge" but it was clean and they cleared and wiped tables pretty quickly when they were vacated.

We both thought the food was pretty good. They could go a little easier on the mustard that they put on my burger, but that's me being a picky bitch.

After dinner, we rolled through Target and I purchased a couple of sweaters and some cologne, and then we went grocery shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco.

The Oscars were on TV tonight and I missed most of the show (except for the last hour) because we were out. I did enjoy what I saw even though I have not seen any of the movies that were nominated. We have HBO and Showtime so hopefully a few of them will pop up on those channels some time this year.

We ate dinner at Serial Grillers on Speedway

They have ice cream!
(even though we didn't have any this trip)

Order here (after this giant man in
blue moves out of the way)

A blurry photo of a pizza
coming out of the oven

Our order number or my IQ
times two

Interior photo of dining room
at Serial Grillers

We actually ate at a restaurant with
other people in it.
It's a miracle!

Anthony's Canadian bacon pizza

I had the "Leatherface" cheeseburger.
Most food items are named after
movies with serial killers in them.
Serial Grillers / serial killers - get it?

Looks like a cheeseburger to me.
Lovely bun, too much mustard for Ken.

They had this neato jukebox that plays songs you request
via an app you can download on your phone.
And, it displays the latest Tweet with the
restaurant's Twitter handle.
That blue bar on the left kept showing my Tweet
talking about the place over and over the whole time
we were eating dinner.

At Target at Grant and Tanque Verde.
It took all of the willpower I could muster
to not purchase this nifty hat.

I'd like pillows without crabs, please.

Little Debbie Easter Basket Cakes
at Walmart Market at Broadway and Camino Seco.
They make a snack cake for just about
every holiday that exists.

Someone left a copy of the book "American Sniper"
next to the Honey Buns.

Reese's Reester Bunny.
Those Reese's people are clever.
They should create a firecracker
shaped one for Reesedependence Day

This package of adult diapers attempted
to make a getaway in the incontinence aisle.
Not so fast, absorbent underwear.