Thursday, February 19, 2015

Coffee mug science experiment

It never fails at any place I've ever worked: Someone leaves a coffee mug sitting around that still has coffee left in it, and after a few days the coffee in the cup grows mold. It always has a level of disgusting when cleaning it afterward.

We used to have a show host that would do this quite frequently. I hadn't seen it in a while. Today I spotted a mug sitting on a bookshelf in one of the show offices and sure enough, it had coffee in it and that coffee had mold floating on top.

In this case, the mold appeared to have just started growing so it made kind of a nice little artsy pattern floating on top. It hadn't reached the disgusting level... which is when it is covered all the way across in a rather thick coating.

I shot a photo before I cleaned the mug. Mother Nature's mold art.

Mold growing in a Morning Blend coffee mug
It has a certain art project look to it.

I should have waited and I would
have had a mug full of free penicillin.