Sunday, February 15, 2015

First visit to Sams Club

I went to Sam's Club for the first time today.

I've been to Costco once or twice in my life but never to Sam's. I'm sure you're thinking, "Gee, how could you have lived this long and never had the opportunity to go?" I wondered the same thing myself.

I went with Anthony while he had to get a few things for the school he works at.

A couple of observations: It's a lot cleaner and more organized than any other Walmart I've ever visited. It's also got a snack bar with hot dogs and pizza. I wish they'd do that at Walmart.

I will admit that it's likely I won't buy a membership at a warehouse store like Sam's. Everything is way too big. I don't have anywhere to store 36 rolls of toilet paper or five pounds of frozen strawberries. I suppose that's why the regular grocery stores exist... so people like me who don't need twenty pounds of laundry detergent all at once have a place to shop.

Sam's Club at River and Stone
in Tucson

Look at how tiny Anthony appears
compared to the vastness of this store

If you need an open sign
now you know where to get one.

Mattress aisle

Anthony looks very office official
in this cushy office chair

Hopefully 390 bacterial wipes
will last through the flu season

If 390 bacterial wipes are not effective enough
the 12 pack of Kleenex boxes will help
and the huge pack of plastic cups to make
sure you get enough fluids.

Anthony is the health conscious one.
He's checking out protein supplements.
I just wanted to find the giant boxes of honeybuns.

Even gift cards come in bulk at Sam's Club.
Here's a five pack of gift cards from Cold Stone Creamery.

Anthony's philosophy on nuts:
Go big... or go home.