Sunday, October 12, 2014

Toilet bowl cleaner in the washing machine

Anthony and I spent our Sunday evening on our usual excursion: Dinner and grocery shopping.

Dinner was at Boston Market at Grant and Tanque Verde. In an unusual moment, we ate in a semi-busy restaurant. Often when we eat out on Sundays we're alone in the dining room of the restaurant we choose. It took the staff a really long time to bring out two Chicken Carver sandwiches (25 minutes) but they were delicious as always. While we were waiting, we watched a guy fill up a soda who we were pretty sure had Tourette's Syndrome, and a woman walk out after finding out it would take fifteen minutes to cook her meatloaf. Basically, we got some free entertainment out of the deal.

Grocery shopping was at Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco. It was an uneventful shopping trip... although I did shoot a few of the usual product photos I take when I go to the store with Anthony.

The hilarious moment of the night occurred once we got home. I was attempting to finish my laundry for the week and accidentally squirted toilet bowl cleaner into the washing machine. It comes in the same style squirt bottle as toilet bowl cleaner and I didn't look carefully enough when I took it out of the cupboard. As I usually manage to do, I disrupted Anthony's carefully orchestrated laundry effort for the week because now all he'll think about is that the washer is now clean enough to poop in.

Boston Market at Grant and Tanque Verde
We ate in a restaurant with other people.
How exciting!

Anthony's "I'm gonna cut a bitch" face.
It's also his "O" face and his
"I won the lottery" face.

The Chicken Carver sandwich that
took 25 minutes to make
at Boston Market.

I'm glad we didn't eat at McDonald's next door.
It was under attack from a dinosaur!

This shelf isn't very valuable.
It's only one carrot!

Sun-rise individually wrapped pancakes.
Microwaveable in 15 seconds!

Maple Bacon cookies.
The bacon craze may have gone too far.

Betty Crocker Candy Corn Cookie Mix
I wanted to try this...
but, I'd have to like, bake and stuff.

Sneaky photo of Anthony:
He looks like he's chewing out
the ice cream freezer section.

Starburst Strawberry Sorbet Bar
If you look up the definition of sweet
in the dictionary, this has to be there.

Drumstick Peppermint Variety cones
Minty ice cream rules.

O.J. only has 4 weeks to live?!