Monday, October 20, 2014

Anthony doesn't want women's vitamins

Anthony and I had our usual Sunday shenanigans: Dinner and grocery shopping. I prefer not to think of us as boring, but consistent.

Dinner was at Beyond Bread at Speedway and Wilmot. It's a restaurant that specializes in it's bread and sandwiches made with the bread.

I have eaten there before and the food wrecks my stomach. I try things that are on the menu and I have trouble digesting the food. I need to ask them to just make me a pretty plain sandwich on boring white bread. I'm not sure they make good ol' white bread though.

We went on our usual grocery shopping trip to Walmart Market afterward.

It was a rainy Sunday, kind of unusual for October. Fortunately it had stopped by the time we went out.

Beyond Bread at Speedway and Wilmot.
We ate in a restaurant with people in it.
It's a freakin' miracle.

The turkey cranberry sandwich
with cranberry nut bread
that murdered my digestive system.
I'm KENsitive you know.

Anthony's sandwich.
He got his with weeds on it.

Look how happy Anthony is
to be having dinner with ol' Ken.

Stormy Sunday in Tucson

Random car in the Beyond Bread parking lot
that had a cactus throwing away garbage.
I didn't know cactus were so
environmentally conscious.

I tried to help Anthony shop for vitamins
at Walmart Neighborhood Market.
It turned out he didn't need any
One A Day women's active metabolism vitamins.
I tried to be helpful.