Friday, October 3, 2014

Ken the dog sitter

One of my neighbors asked me last weekend if I would dog sit this week while he was in New Mexico. I barely know the guy except that I see him outside with his dog regularly when I am walking Lucky. I knew it would be an extra hour or more each day walking a second dog but I agreed to help him out.

The guy's dog is named Sammy. He was easy to walk and take care of. It was kind of amusing that he sniffs every bush, piece of grass, rock, and sidewalk and marks them all with a squirt of pee. Lucky is not as much of a sniffer as Sammy is so the walking process took about twice as long as it does with Lucky.

I made the decision not to attempt to walk them both simultaneously. Sammy is a little bit bigger than Lucky, and I was concerned that two fifty plus pound dogs would be too much for me to handle at the same time. I had visions of them both getting excited about something at the same time and pulling my arms off, then I'd be standing there with blood squirting out of my shoulder stumps while they run away with a detached arm attached to each leash.

Other than the extra time it took each day, the task itself wasn't a big deal. He also has a cat which I petted when I went into his apartment to retrieve Sammy. I checked on their food and water, and did the walking 3-4 times a day. Poor Sammy must have been a bit unhappy about missing his owner. He didn't eat anything the entire week. But at least he was drinking water because he peed every time I took him out.

I asked Anthony if he wanted to help me with the walking. He politely declined. He prefers his sleep. Maybe I should learn something from him.

Sammy the neighbor's dog

Sammy gazes into the sunset.
Actually, he was looking at another dog.

Bush marked.

Not to be out done by Sammy,
Lucky leaves me a delicious gift
when it was his turn for a walk.