Monday, October 27, 2014

Let me show you my Kracker Nuts

Last night was our usual dinner and grocery shopping Sunday extravaganza.

Our lives feel a bit disrupted at the moment with all of our spare time being devoted to gearing up to move to the house. But, we still got our usual routine squeezed in this weekend even though we spent a bunch of time at Sam Levitz Furniture attempting to figure out what to do about our furniture deficiencies for a large house (large compared to our apartment, anyway).

Dinner was at Culver's at Broadway and Prudence. I had a Cheddar Bacon Butter Burger, Anthony had a chicken sandwich (I think). He ordered one of their Concrete ice cream-esque Mixers that looked like it had poo swirled into it.

As I usually do, when we went to Walmart Market at Broadway and Camino Seco, I took a few product photos. Did you know that Dora The Explorer has cereal? And, the little shapes the cereal is in do not look like Dora at all? It's amazing what one can learn at the grocery store.

75 was our order number at Culver's.
It's also Anthony's age.

Cheddar Bacon Butter Burger and fries for Ken

Chicken sandwich for Anthony

Concrete Mixer with poo swirled in.
Or fudge.
My bet is on poo.

A snack named after my genitals.
And, they're bursting with flavor.

Dora The Explorer cereal.
Those little pieces of cereal look
like stars, not like Dora.
What a rip off.

The last box of Entenmann's pumpkin donuts
left on the shelf.
They're probably making room for
Christmas donuts already.

Caramel apple pretzels.
This was a bit confusing because
normally if I found a green
pretzel, I'd think it was moldy.

Glade frosted cookie party spray.
A delicious new way to try and mask
the smell of my bathroom activities.

That's Anthony in the green shirt
waaaaay down this aisle desperately
searching for the perfect bag of chips.

People Magazine's November 3, 2014
issue that proudly proclaims it's covering
Ebola in America.
If it's in People, it must be news.