Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lunch at Dakota Cafe in Trail Dust Town

I don't like eating. I never have. I do it because apparently I'd die if I didn't. (never tried not eating as an experiment, but the info I have seems pretty reliable that I wouldn't survive).

I usually bring my lunch with me to work. I generally eat the same thing each day because it's fast (I can eat at my desk in less than ten minutes while still getting work done) and doesn't upset my stomach too much. I rarely leave the station or take a lunch hour. I've done this ever since I became a TV producer.

Today I went with a few co-workers to have lunch at the Dakota Café at Trail Dust Town on Tanque Verde. Trail Dust Town is like a little old west town with shops and a couple of restaurants. It even has a little choo-choo train that runs some evenings around the property.

It was a nice lunch. The company I was with was fun and I took some pictures. I have a stomach ache from the food (not the food's fault, I'm a freak) but it was a nice change of pace. The food at Dakota Café is fantastic, I highly recommend.

Tina and Alex in the front seat.
I played back seat driver.

Andy got the privilege of sitting
next to me in the back seat.

This sign in the trunk of Tina's car
explains how you stow three golf bags
in the rear of the BMW.
Apparently BMW drivers are golfers
although the same principle could
be used to stack dead bodies.

Walking behind Tina, Andy and Alex
in Trail Dust Town.

This is where you purchase generals.

A peek inside the steak house
at Trail Dust Town.
Don't wear a tie in here, they cut it off.

Alex is wearing the same color shirt
that John Wayne did when he wore that suit
in the movie "Big Jake"

The demise of the telephone booth...
it now houses an ATM.

Festive colored tortilla chips
at Dakota Café.

Tina and Andy look like they
are thrilled to have lunch with Ken Carr.

Interior of Dakota Café
as seen from our table.

Art work hanging above our table at Dakota Café.
This is called "Tucson Night"
and was for sale for about $500.

Another piece of artwork for sale.
This would be amazing with
the right drugs in your system.

Smokehouse BBQ burger with fries
at Dakota Café.