Sunday, October 26, 2014

Furniture shopping is hard work

Anthony and I decided to go browsing for furniture this weekend for the house we're moving to. It turned into a two day affair.

My original mission was to look for a small dining table and chairs. Typically, I'd go searching on Craigslist or ask around for used stuff people are selling and deal with whatever random thing I could find. I have a small budget for this move so I decided making a trip to the Sam Levitz furniture store to see if they had anything decent and affordable in their clearance center was worth the time.

Anthony's put the pressure on for years that we get a new bed. I've resisted because beds are expensive. That morphed into applying for credit at Sam Levitz since they were offering zero interest for 36 months, and we ended up purchasing a mattress with some kind of fancy funky king sized cool gel mattress, a dining set, and a full bedroom set of furniture. My wallet is screaming in agony, but I suppose at some point I should pony up and buy a few nice new things and at least I can stretch the payments out until sometime into my 70's.

I've only slept on a bed that large (king size) in a hotel, and since I have rarely travelled in my life it has basically been never. I'm 6'2" tall, and have always adapted by curling up in some manner in the beds I've owned because if I stretch out with my legs straight on most beds my feet and some of my legs hang off the end of the bed. It will be an odd experience attempting to get used to it.

The furniture is scheduled for delivery at the end of this week. We'll still have a bunch of stuff to move before we actually stay at the house so the new bed experience is still probably a couple of weeks away.

Shopping for a bed is exhausting. I need a nap.

Checking out a bunk bed at Sam Levitz Furniture.
I was unsuccessful at convincing Anthony
that we should buy this.
I've always wanted one though.

We didn't buy this couch.
But furniture is fun to sit on
at the furniture store.

This is the bedroom set we picked out.
The bed will be larger and we're
getting one additional night stand.
The fake TV on the chest in the corner
and the lamps were not included.

We ate dinner at Carl's Jr. on Saturday
after day one of furniture shopping.
My shopping partner
didn't want his picture taken.

Crispy burritos at Carl's Jr.
I was so hungry after furniture shopping
that I would have eaten the cardboard box.

Anthony's crispy burrito went swimming
in his guacamole.
I'd call it attempting suicide but there
wasn't enough guacamole left to drown in.