Friday, October 24, 2014

Get ready, get set, move

Anthony and I are getting the move to the house near Grant and Swan underway this weekend. His mom is renting us the house and she's bringing us the keys tomorrow.

I did a mental count and I believe this is the 24th place I've moved to in my lifetime. Houses, apartments, condos. I've always rented, who knows if I'll ever own a place. Each one has a unique set of memories and experiences.

I've occasionally bitched about things related to living at this apartment in Ridgepointe, but the experience has been pretty good for the most part. The management here is cool, the architecture unique for Tucson, and most of my neighbors have been nice people.

The biggest challenge living here is that we've realized even though it's two bedrooms and one functions as an office, it's a little small for our situation. As we've acquired more stuff, the limitation of little storage have become a growing challenge. Noise has been a factor with a couple of the neighbors. The apartment is in the middle of the complex and far away from the parking lot, which creates an issue carrying anything in or out (it's quite a distance). It's quite a hike just to take out the garbage.

There are other inconveniences. The air conditioning/heating unit is noisy. The freezer decides to stop freezing and pumps warm air into the freezer several times a day. The carpeting has slowly been disintegrating into a mysterious powdery substance since the day we moved in. Every faucet has a drip.

I suppose it was time to get a house. I have been concerned about managing the cost of a house. They are always more expensive than an apartment and difficult to control expenses with. It costs more to heat, cool, and power more square footage. But, the rent at the home we're moving to is several hundred dollars less than the apartment so I should be okay.

I'm not looking forward to the labor of moving. I'll have muscle soreness for days. But I refuse to pay a moving company the kind of money they charge when I am still physically capable of doing it myself. It's a self inflicted painful reminder than I own too much crap.

I also look at it as the end of an era. This is the first place Anthony and I lived at together. A lot of life events happened in the time we've lived here. This is the only place Lucky has ever lived with us as his doggy daddies, I made the move to TV in my career, I purchased my first DSLR camera living here, acquired my first flat screen TV, this is the only place all my current pairs of shoes has ever lived. Anthony changed jobs several times, nearly died from internal bleeding, watched many hours of Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules.

There will be a new set of unique and interesting experiences that will occur at the new place. I'm hoping they'll be epic. It'll give me material to write in this blog and opportunities for photos. Lucky will have a yard to poop in. We'll live a few short blocks from a Dunkin Donuts. I'll have to leave ten minutes earlier for work every day. I'll have a driveway to wash my car in for the first time in 8 years instead of having to take it to a car wash. I'm trying to look at it all in a positive light.

Hopefully this move will not be a living hell. And Ridgepointe, I'll miss you. There will never be another one quite like you.

Ridgepointe, I'll never forget you.
Unless I suffer from amnesia
resulting from a brain
aneurism caused by
a head injury that occurred
when I fell down the stairs
moving my furniture out.