Saturday, October 11, 2014

Simon leaves puddles

This summer's (and now fall) weather has been unusual. The really unusual part has been the rains we've received thanks to "remnants" of Pacific hurricanes Norbert, Odile, and Simon.

Norbert caused flooding in Tucson and especially in Phoenix, we were supposed to get a historic rain event thanks to Odile but that storm turned east about 60 miles south of Tucson, and Simon gave us some surprise rain.

I have rarely seen standing water in the ditches along the west side of Ridgepointe but there was some on Thursday. You have to remember that I live in the desert and seeing standing water anywhere besides my bathtub or in a swimming pool is a bit of an event.

Fortunately, the puddles didn't stay long enough for mosquitos to share any West Nile virus, ebola, SARS, or bird flu.

Puddle in a ditch on the
west side of Ridgepointe
thanks to Hurricane Simon
on Thursday morning.

Puddle in the Ridgepointe parking lot.
That man on the right
braved walking across the wet surface.
Fortunately a swift water rescue wasn't required.

This puddle was still around after I got
home from work on Thursday.