Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shoot at Saguaro Surgical

We had an out of studio shoot early this morning at Saguaro Surgical.

They can now do surgeries in their office from stripping varicose veins to fixing circulation issues. I showed up to do my producer duties and shot a few photos.

Medical places always make me uncomfortable but since I wasn't a patient, it was fine. And, the staff there is super nice.

Here's a behind the scenes look at making TV magic:

Shooting a stand up in the lobby

Chatting with the doctors
in the surgical suite

Shooting video of the equipment
in the surgical suite.
That big white round thing on the right
puts out some sort of radiation.
I'll bet it makes popcorn super fast.

Shooting the video monitors used
during surgical procedures.

Examination area

Outside of Saguaro Surgical.
The giant saguaro outside is a
clue to it's name.