Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snow storm in Tucson Part 2

The snow storm in Tucson today was quite unusual.

I posted some photos that I took earlier today outside of work in my last post, and when I got home from work there was even more snow.  We got a third round of snow this evening that left an inch of snow on my front patio and all over Ridgepointe where I live.

I took Lucky out when I got home, and he experienced his first snow.  He's been in a strange semi-depressed mood all night and I imagine it's due to all of the dripping and odd noises outside that come with a snow event like this.

The snow will melt quickly tomorrow, but it was quite a sight today.

Snow on the Ken Carr car when I was leaving work at 6 p.m. tonight

Snow on the windshield

Snow on the side window of the Ken Carr car

It was snowing really hard on my drive home from work
This was at the stoplight at Speedway and Kolb

Snow on the building roofs at Ridgepointe

Snow on a bush at Ridgepointe

Random snow covered cars in the parking lot at Ridgepointe

Snow on the chairs, awnings, roof, and palm tree next to the pool at Ridgepointe.
You couldn't pay me to get into that pool right now!

Snow on the vegetation next to the fountain by the office at Ridgepointe

Snow covered grass at Ridgepointe

More snow on the grass

Lucky's toilet is covered in the white stuff

More snow near my apartment

The light post near my apartment has been fixed!
It's covered with snow.
And, it... along with the other lights down this sidewalk, now don't work.

View from my east balcony with snow on the grass and shrubs

Here's Lucky... experiencing his first snow!

Lucky doesn't quite know what to make of the white stuff.

Lucky is wondering where the grass went that he normally pees on.

Nature calls... even when there's snow.