Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fire alarm sounds, I take photos

I always tell myself I'd be awesome in a real crisis situation.  Truth be told, I'd probably be too busy taking photos and posting the crisis on Twitter to do anything really helpful (except record the destruction and mayhem for posterity).

But, until that day comes, I'll pretend I'm awesome.

The fire alarm went off today in the KGUN building and we all headed to the exits.  It turned out to be something related to the water pressure to the building and that's what set it off.  (The new types of fire alarm systems will set off the alarm if there is a big drop in pressure, so in case there is a real fire there is enough water pressure to make the sprinkler systems effective).

I snapped a few photos of my co-workers outside waiting for the all clear to get back to work.

Guy climbs on the back of this truck... which is no help whatsoever.

The gathering of co-workers in the parking lot after the fire alarm went off.

Same gathering, side view.

In a rather bizarre totally coincidental moment, the Tucson Fire Dept was conducting ladder truck hose training
half a block away to the south.
If there had been an actual fire, they could have just turned that spray 45 degrees
to the north and knocked it right down.