Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Julio

Anthony and I went to my friend Julio's birthday party last night.  Julio's birthday was on February 1.

A dark bar and a few cocktails usually make for less than award winning photos.  But, I'm posting them anyway.

I had a great time and a big thanks to Julio for being invited.

Happy Birthday Julio!

Anthony, Alva, me and Julio

These shots were consumed even though Julio may or may not have licked all of the glasses.

Julio on the dance floor

James and Julio put a ton of glitter in their hair.
Ooooo. Pretty.

Julio in a half blink and Anthony proving he can count to two.

A bar full of people at IBT's completely unaware that they're now on my blog.

McDonald's drive thru window at Speedway Blvd and Alvernon in Tucson for a snack on the way home.
The guy went to go get my food, I took a photo.  The end.