Friday, February 1, 2013

eegee's has big cookies

Anthony and I grabbed dinner tonight at eegee's on Tanque Verde.  If you're not familiar with eegee's, it's a restaurant chain in the Tucson area with about two dozen restaurants.  They're famous for their frozen eegee drinks (kind of like a Slushie but with bold unique flavors) and french fries.

I am not a big fan of the eegee's frozen drinks, but I do like their sandwiches and fries.  The employees there are always super nice, too.

The cookie of the month is peanut butter.  Anthony decided to get one.  It's huge, as in the size of a child's head.  I was going to say it's the size of my head, but then it wouldn't fit in an oven.

Sub sandwiches, fries, and plenty of ranch at eegee's on Tanque Verde
The giant peanut butter cookie is at the top of the photo.

eegee's cookie of the month is peanut butter.
It's large enough to have it's own zip code.