Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brandon leaves Tucson

My friend Brandon visited me this weekend in Tucson.  We've been friends for about twenty years but have infrequent in-person visits since I moved to Arizona in 2001, although we speak on the phone often.

He got a nice little dose of Tucson while he was here.  I took him to El Guero Canelo for Sonoran Hot Dogs, we went to a Morning Blend TV commercial shoot, visited the awesome Big Balls on Ft Lowell near Dodge for a photo, visited a Circle K (it was a running joke that we'd see one every six blocks, which is relatively accurate), and Jimmy John's for sub sandwiches.  All of that was yesterday.

He and Anthony stayed up way late last night at our apartment partying it up (I went to bed at 2 a.m., I'm too old for the all-nighters).  Today we went to Little Anthony's Diner for a late lunch and then dropped him off at the airport.

Now, the pressure's on for me.  Since he's visited here, I'll have to save up for a fabulous vacation to Stockton, California (where he's from).

Thanks for the visit Brandon!  I'll miss you buddy.

With Anthony leading the way, Brandon walks down the sidewalk at Ridgepointe to the car.
Note the storm damage from a weekend winter storm:  Leaves fell down onto the grass.
That's about as much storm damage as we get.

Anthony doesn't want his photo taken by the Kenparazzi.
Don't worry, I got a few pictures of him anyway.

Anthony walking behind Brandon to the car.
See?  I told you I'd get photos of Anthony.

Anthony and Brandon walking into Little Anthony's Diner at Broadway and Kolb

Hey Brandon!  Nice boobs!

Interior of Little Anthony's Diner as seen from our booth.

Anthony looks over the menu at Little Anthony's.
(See? I told you I'd get photos of him).

Brandon wrote this on the butcher's paper on our table.

Anthony's chocolate shake.
It has sprinkles!

Anthony's Chubby Checker club sandwich

I ordered chicKEN fried steak

Brandon ordered a cheeseburger and fries.
It's about to get assaulted by some mustard.

Brandon and Anthony hug it out at Tucson International Airport.

I wave goodbye to my friend.

Waaaaaaaaah. Brandon, don't go!
(Can you tell that I'm acting? Maybe this is why I'm not a movie star)