Monday, February 4, 2013

Meeting Coach Andy Lopez of Arizona Baseball and the 2012 National Championship Trophy

We recorded a segment that will play on the Morning Blend tomorrow that featured Coach Andy Lopez of the National Champion 2012 Arizona Men's Baseball Team and Brian McCoy, from the United States Postal Service.  They chatted about the commemorative USPS postmark that is being offered to honor the championship team.

Coach Lopez brought along the rather impressive 2012 NCAA National Championship trophy.

I was excited for the photo opportunity.  It's very rare I get the opportunity to stand next to the coach of a national championship team, let alone next to a national championship trophy.

The photo turned out great.  I had one of my co-workers use my camera to take the picture.  But, it didn't turn out to be routine.

The Blend set was decorated this past Friday for Valentine's Day.  Inside of the lit Morning Blend panel behind me, a few hearts were placed inside.  You'll notice in the photo below that the hearts ended up exactly in the right place over my head (and this occured incidentally by the way) to give me what looks like a crown or tiara.

Only me.

Arizona baseball Coach Andy Lopez, the 2012 National Championship trophy, and me with a big crown of hearts.
I'm pretty... oh so pretty...