Wednesday, February 27, 2013

History of a Fallen Lamp Post Part 4

I detailed in the last episode of History of a Fallen Lamp Post how the previously repaired posts near my apartment at Ridgepointe had fallen down again and had been removed.

This story first started when a guy punched a lamp post that lights the sidewalk and surrounding area.  It was a post nearest to my apartment.  Then, the one about ten feet down the sidewalk fell down, laid there for quite a while, and then was removed.  After that the post near my apartment was repaired, and finally the second one was repaired and put back up.

Then, the second one failed again and was removed, then the first one was removed.

Now, they both have been repaired with new heads and lights inside.  But, this story isn't over...

Neither one of them work!  And, to top it off, none of the lamp posts from my apartment all the way to the parking lot don't work now either.  About half dozen of the lamp posts near the office stopped working as well (although I don't think it's a related problem).

At least the newly repaired light posts look nicer.  They're not functional, but they look lovely during the day.

This lamp post and the one past the next sidewalk are now repaired and upright but don't work.