Saturday, February 9, 2013

Brandon visits Tucson

My best friend Brandon is visiting me this weekend here in Tucson.  He's from Stockton, California and in Arizona on business.  After getting his work duties done in Phoenix, he drove down to hang out for a few days.

We visited El Taco Tote, I took him to a commercial shoot for the Morning Blend (where he got to be part of the commercial), had lunch at El Guero Canelo for his first Sonoran hot dog experience, and visited Tucson's Big Balls.

Brandon at El Taco Tote

I don't have proof, but I think this Brandon's 'O' face

At least there's one good looking bastard in this restaurant.

Brandon at the Morning Blend commercial shoot.
He's practicing how to be a pitch man.

Actors in the commercial

Brandon is a real commercial actor.
He's disinterested in what's going on and messing with his phone.
Just like half of the folks in Hollywood.

Brandon's holding an Old Chub.
Sounds like a date he's had.

Brandon visits El Guero Canelo

The El Guero Canelo experience:
Shoving a Sonoran Hot Dog into his face.
Om nom nom.

El Guero Canelo Sonoran Hot Dogs

Brandon visits Tucson's most awesome landmark.
Then he cried and felt inadequate.