Thursday, November 12, 2015

Starbucks Red Cup Controversy

There is always a buzz at any given time on social media for stupid things and the current stupid thing has to do with the red cups that Starbucks offers around the holidays each year. In the past, they've always had some sort of Christmas theme and this year they are just red. The lack of Christmas graphics on the cup has offended some people because they think Starbucks is dissing Christmas... or at least a few people who celebrate it.

I'll go on record with the following statement: It's a stupid controversy.

To honor the stupidity of this controversy, I present to you the Ken Carr Holiday Starbucks cup. Because nothing honors Christmas quite like my stupid head being artfully integrated into a Starbucks cup.

Photoshop credit goes to Alex Steiniger.  He's the man.

The Ken Carr Starbucks Red Holiday Cup
Merry Christmas, bitches