Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sounds like a date I've had

Shocker: Another weekend just flew by. I didn't get a whole lot done except for some laundry and catching up on sleep. We also went to dinner at Culver's tonight and a trip to the grocery store.

The grocery store trip included extra items to make a few things for Thanksgiving dinner at Anthony's mom's house. She lives about five minutes away from us. Stuffing, cheddar biscuits, and two pies will be our contribution to the dinner on Thursday.

I offered to do the stuffing but my idea of stuffing is not appropriate for dinner.

Our order number at the Broadway Blvd
and Prudence Culver's restaurant.
Whichever end of the tray they put
on the table would have been appropriate.

Anthony had a two scoop sundae.
We had a coupon for a free one
and free is for we.

Bacon cheddar Butterburger and fries
for me.

Grocery shopping at Walmart Market,
Broadway and Camino Seco.
I purchased two kinds of pie for
Thanksgiving dinner including this
wonderful pecan almond pie with drizzle,
fo shizzle my nizzle.

An abandoned Magic 8 Ball in the middle
of a display of dinner rolls.
Will an employee have to put it back?
My sources say yes.

Planters Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Almonds
Pumpkin Spice is the Spice Girl that tried
out for the group but didn't make it
because she had a fall.

This grocery store visit seemed to take on a sexual
overtone... we bought items for stuffing,
then I found myself looking at the chorizo.

Big and Hearty.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Cajun Injector.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Hard and Soft Taco Dinner Kit.
Stand and Stuff.
This writes it's own joke.

End of the grocery shopping excursion.
This is what it looks like to a drunk person
when Anthony puts the cart away
in the parking lot cart corral.