Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Organic Sleep Systems shoot

I ventured outside of the station today during the workday. We had an off-site shoot for the TV show at Organic Sleep Systems at Speedway and Craycroft.

They make organic beds. Apparently organic isn't just for salads or eggs. I asked and while you can eat salads and eggs, the beds are not edible. That would have been handy for a late night snack in bed. Although a few too many of those and you'd be sleeping on the floor.

There was a sign company at
Organic Sleep Systems when I
was there completing work on
installing this sign.

Here's a worker guy on a lift
completing the sign installation
as seen from inside the store

I thought this was an actual bed
but it was a display item.
It would be too small for most
people unless they were
about six inches tall anyway.

Show host Tina holds up a
white balance card to help
get the camera prepared
for the shoot

Chatting it up while waiting
for the shoot to start

Michael and Bobby from
Organic Sleep Systems,
show host Tina, and
Steve working the camera
during the interview

I learned today that sleeping on an
organic bed is good for you.
Eating one is not.