Sunday, November 15, 2015

Anthony's 32nd birthday

Today is Anthony's 32nd birthday. We hung out at home all day while I caught up on some much needed sleep, I gave Lucky a bath in the afternoon, and then we headed to one of Anthony's favorite restaurants (Zinburger) for dinner followed by a trip to the grocery store.

While we were at Zinburger, I spotted Jim Click in the restaurant. He owns a majority of the new car dealerships in Tucson. I was going to try and take a sneaky photo of him but he's so rich and powerful that I thought if he spotted me trying to have a Kenparazzi moment he'd be able to call somebody and I'd get run over by a new Hyundai or Ford walking to my car in the parking lot while leaving. I bought the poomobile at a competitor earlier this year mostly because Jim Click's dealerships do not have very user friendly websites. He's so rich and powerful that he probably knows this somehow and would have me run over by a new vehicle from one of his dealerships and my body deposited in the Zinburger trash dumpster. Of course, to complete this ridiculous made up story, my killer would conveniently never be found.

Dinner with Anthony was fun. We both had burgers (the restaurant is named Zinburger, that's what you eat there) and shared an order of double truffle fries. Add in two sodas and the bill was $38 not including tip. That's why we only eat there on special occasions. I haven't won the lottery yet.

Speaking of shopping, that's where we headed after dinner. In a special collection of grocery store photos you'll see below, I speculate on what might be the best grocery store birthday gift item. There are so many (ridiculous) choices from flaxseed, mandarin oranges (nothing says congratulations on making it another year than a can of fruit), tuna helper, or frozen turkeys. Other birthday gift choices like a box of saltine crackers or a packet of instant potatoes are sure to be a hit.

Happy Birthday Anthony! You don't look a day over whatever number will not piss you off.

Dining room at Zinburger.
Car dealer Jim Click is out there somewhere
eating dinner and since he's rich and
powerful he probably has someone
at his table to chew his burger for him.

Anthony the birthday boy

Anthony's kobe beef burger
that included mushrooms
and guacamole

My bacon cheeseburger

Double truffle fries

Anthony's so tidy when he eats
fries, he uses a fork.
He makes me look like a caveman

Happiness is a double truffle fry
with white stuff on it

Anthony says I'm not in enough pictures
so he grabbed my camera and shot
this one with my bacon hanging out

Time to hit the grocery store to shop
for Anthony's birthday gift.
Maybe it should be yogurt with
fun toppings because he's a fun guy

Nothing says "happy birthday" like a
delicious can of mandarin oranges

Screw birthday cake when there's a
bag of Bob's Red Mill whole ground
flaxseed meal waiting to be enjoyed

No need for ice cream
when you can spoon some rich and hearty
Progresso Loaded Potato Soup on your
chocolate birthday cake

I wasn't sure I was going to find the right
birthday gift until I passed this display
of Tuna Helper and Hamburger Helper.
It does have 20% more pasta!

No need for balloons at his birthday party
when these festive frozen turkeys can
be hung from the ceiling along with
some colorful streamers

I can only imagine the
hours of fun a birthday gift of saltine
crackers can provide to a 32 year old

 Put the wee in Anthony's birthday with a bag
of Cheetos Sweetos

If Anthony is naughty on his birthday
he'll get a lump of double crisp coal

Since Anthony likes things with dark themes
maybe a book would be appropriate.
"The Death Cure" or "The Kill Order"

How about a happy instant potato birthday?

In the end, I let Anthony choose
his birthday gift: Bacon