Monday, November 2, 2015

Holiday nuts and Minions Peeps

Another weekend just flew by. In addition to going to the Halloween party on Saturday night, I ended up sleeping a lot all weekend. The stupid blood pressure medication I'm on is making me feel pretty crummy. My legs hurt and I just feel yucky. Now, I'm on a new one that the pharmacist said would have the potential side effect of making me dizzy for a couple of weeks. A COUPLE OF WEEKS! HOLY CRAP! I'm not sure it's worth the misery but I'm full of hope.

Life goes on even though I'm making an attempt at saving myself from a massive heart attack, or stroke, or whatever else high blood pressure causes. These kinds of health conditions never have awesome side effects like the ability to fly, or telling funnier jokes. It's always the lame stuff.

Anthony and I did have dinner and grocery shopping on yesterday's agenda. We also went to Petsmart to get Lucky dog food. I shot photos, see them below.

It was back to work today. A number of my co-workers were in their usual grumpy Monday mood. It was enough to give me high blood pressure. Hey, maybe that's where I got it from...

A piece of fruit on the ground
in the Petsmart parking lot.
Anthony didn't see it, stepped
on it, and hurt his ankle.

The hurt ankle.
Fortunately, it wasn't a
major injury.

Dinner at Pizza Studio
on Grant Road.
Here's my ham, bacon,
and mushroom pie.

Anthony shakes pepper flakes
on his pizza.

November 1 and Walmart Market
is already showing their
holiday nuts.

Top shelf of the soda aisle
features a recliner,
TV, and stand.
Makes more sense to
display this here than
above the lettuce or bananas
in the produce department.

Here come the holiday Oreos.
Cookie goodness and
fresh breath for the win.

The Winter Oreos are in stock.
Perfect to have penguins
frolicking on the package
in the snow when it was
84 today in Tucson.

Cheese Wow.
Named after rapper Bow Wow's
cheesy cousin.

Ritz Fudge Covered crackers
appear every holiday season.
It's November 1 but since
these are on the shelf it's
officially the holiday season.

Wrapping paper and Christmas gifts
already on display at Walmart Market

November 1 and the Christmas candy
already shoved the Halloween candy
to the curb / clearance bins.

The Minions have invaded
Peeps territory.
Gotta love merchandising