Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween seems to become a bigger and bigger holiday every year (if you can call it an actual holiday). It's definitely an event at the very least.

Each year, Anthony and I try to come up with costumes that match and/or compliment each other. I think I burn what imagination I have at work every day so I'm nearly useless at coming up with a costume idea that he doesn't hate, that is in our budget, and is actually doable somehow.

After some wild and odd ideas, we ended up as Minions this year. He found these onesie type of suits that were cute and silly, and in a moment of trying to make my sense of humor happy, he went shopping and purchased them. We were bloody ebola doctors last year so this was totally on the opposite end of the costume spectrum.

We attended the usual party we go to each year that is put on by one of my co-workers. She has a fantastic event and everyone who attends in costume definitely shows off their creative side.

I am not happy with my camera choice after looking at the photos I shot. It struggled a bit with the rather dark and funky lighting conditions, and the flash was a bit strong when I used that. It's more likely it's the guy (me) operating the camera. But, I'm not trying to win a photography award. I just want to be happy with the pictures. So, here they are in all of their funky glory.

An amusing side story: The party was in a building downtown that used to house a city courtroom. It turns out that Anthony's one and only time in court was for a minor in possession of alcohol charge when he was in his teens. And, the courtroom he had to appear in was the same place the party was held (it hasn't been in use in years). It must have been a weird flashback for him to be there.

Anthony is a Minion

I look like a Minion
with a stick up it's ass
Party decorations
in "The Gallows"
section of the location
where the event was

Anthony shoots photos
of the decorations.
He has eyes in the back
of his back.

Rest in pieces

Alien taking care of alien
(live person in the alien with
the black cloak)

Anthony taking pictures
(he's in the middle of
this photo)


Following Anthony down
a hallway

Courtroom where Anthony
faced the judge (in real life)

DJ, dance floor
and bar

Here's Jackson (who used
to be one of my co-workers)
and the lovely woman
he brought to the party

He... is... Spiderman

Alex as Wolverine

The food

Wolverine meets the alien

Here's Terri, who makes her
best attempt at avoiding
the alien

Terri attempts to chat
with a skeleton that
had a human inside

Here's an epic costume trio:
Rock, paper, scissors

Tina as Wonder Woman
doing a wonder shrug

Carrie and Zach

Heatmiser and Coldmiser
(if you've seen the movie
"A Year Without Santa Claus"
you'll get the costumes)

Party hostess Erin (as Medusa),
Erica, unknown dude,

Similar photo as above
minus the flash

Serving up drinks so refreshing
that it's spooky

Anthony and Alex
drink out of tiny little cups

Group shot of a
group shot

Bottoms up!

Here's Lee showing off
her neon fan

Alex, Leslie, Anthony.
Time for a shot!

Bottoms up!

Alex is a cut-up

Jason and Stephanie
as Power Rangers

Liz recreating the Kim Kardashian
champagne photo

Ina as a human
gumball machine

Hey Anthony, there's a
photo with orange eyes
right behind you

Aaron and Summer

Anthony dances while
Vinca photo bombs

Here's Heather as Dorothy
in the middle of a
Minion sandwich.
Like a tornado in Kansas,
another Halloween
blew right through.