Thursday, November 5, 2015

Eating a ball of salad on TV

We had a guest on the TV show recently that takes regular foods, grinds it up, and serves it in golf ball sized balls to patients with afflictions like Alzheimer's or dementia. Apparently some persons who have these kinds of medical conditions lose their enthusiasm or interest in eating (sometimes to the point where they lose weight when they shouldn't be) and this is a way to allow them to eat foods that look and taste appetizing without requiring the use of utensils. I believe they use risotto to bind the other ingredients into the balls which can be eaten with one's hands. Utensils apparently can be difficult for these kinds of patients to use when they eat.

There was a behind the scenes situation that played out with this segment. One of the show hosts was incredibly nauseous that day and could barely keep any food down. But, she was a trooper and came to work anyway.. and managed to eat a spoonful of sorbet. That left the other one to try one of the balls of ground up food on camera. There is nothing in the job description of a TV host that specifically states there may be a moment where it's necessary to eat balls of ground up food on TV. Sometimes it just happens. I found out after we went to commercial break that she didn't enjoy the taste that much but none of us knew. She did an excellent job of acting like it was delicious even if she didn't care for it. Food is one of those things that is delicious to one person and the next person doesn't like it. It's never predictable.

I shot a few photos of them during the segment eating sorbet and balls of salad:

Chef's salad in it's
pre-ball state

Chef's salad prepared
into little golf ball
sized balls

Hot towels to prepare
hands for eating the balls

A spoonful of sorbet
to prepare the pallet
for tasting the balls

There's only one way to eat
a ball and that's to open
wide and shove it in