Thursday, May 28, 2015

The buzz at the Ken Carr World Headquarters

The buzz this week at the Ken Carr World Headquarters is from.... bees.

I was doing yard work at my house over the weekend and noticed bees going in and out of a hole in one of the little stone structures that is out by the front sidewalk.

I finally got around to shooting a couple of photos today of the bees in action. I'm making the assumption that there is some sort of hive. I haven't decided whether to go to the store and buy some bee killing stuff and try to shoot it in there or whether to hire a bee removal company to get rid of them. The cost conscious part of me is leaning toward the attempt at doing it on the cheap, then buying something (foam maybe? or chewing gum?) to plug the hole.

Our landlord (Anthony's mom) said she'd pay to have someone come and deal with it, but I hate to waste her money if I can take care of it on the cheap. Saving money always trumps personal safety in my world.

While I ponder how adventurous I am willing to be, here are the photos:

Bees going in and out of that hole
in the middle of the rocks

I don't like you.
Can't you just go away?