Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lucky's spring shedding Part 2

Normally I'm able to give Lucky a bath every two weeks and he smells fine and fresh the whole two weeks. He's inside 99% of the time so he stays pretty clean.

This last three weeks he has been shedding like he has an internal desire to be bald. He seems to be eating fine, acting fine, pooping fine, and there are no signs that anything is out of the ordinary. This is the first spring we've lived in this house so I'm thinking he's just going through a shedding period related to the changing of the seasons.

It's creating a mess. I'm now bathing him every weekend and lots of brushing to get rid of dead fur he's attempting to shed. It creates quite a mess.

I posted the first photo of the shedding a couple of weeks ago, and here's another round of fur filled trash can.

I hope it ends soon, I'm too old for this much work.

Lucky the fur factory