Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jake the dog is not from State Farm

We had another adoptable dog from the Humane Society Of Southern Arizona on the TV show today.

His name is Jake (not the Jake in red shirt and khakis from State Farm Insurance) and he's an 11 month old Shepherd mix.

I scored an adorable photo of him when he heard the shutter on my DSLR camera making noise and he cocked his head with curiosity. He loves people -- it was quite obvious with his tail wagging non-stop as everyone who I work with took a turn petting him. He was well behaved, too.

He was shedding quite a bit but it's not uncommon to have shelter dogs do that when they are on the show. Shelters are a bit stressful for some animals and it manifests itself in ways like shedding. Also, the fact that he's a Shepherd mix probably had a lot to do with it since Shepherds are famous for being fur shedders. If you don't mind a little fur, he'd be a fantastic companion.

We spent time during commercial breaks and during playback of a segment we had recorded earlier removing fur from the couch he was sitting on after this interview was completed. Such is the life of a TV producer.

Jake the dog and Samantha
from the Humane Society

Jake tilts his head
when he hears the shutter clicking
on my DSLR camera.
It's the same reaction I get from
humans when I tell a joke.