Saturday, May 9, 2015

6th anniversary dinner at Macayo's

Anthony and I celebrated our 6th anniversary with dinner at Macayo's Mexican restaurant, Broadway and Kolb. Anthony says it's his favorite restaurant so it was easy for me to decide where to take him.

The menu was different than past visits. It appears they've scaled down the number of food choices they offer -- it was all on one page (as opposed to 2-3). The food was good as always though.

I usually order a burro (burrito) or a chimichanga. Today, I ordered carne asada tacos. They put a ton of cabbage on them. I prefer my tacos with more meat and less filler so I'm not sure I'd order those again.

Anthony had a burro. He is consistent though -- after six years, I wasn't surprised when he ate a ton of chips and salsa before dinner came and then took the burrito home without touching it.

I'm the same goofy bastard he met six years ago. Either he's a glutton for punishment, or I'm not too bad to hang out with. Either way, thanks Anthony for putting up with me.

We stopped at the Grant and Beverly
Wells Fargo so Anthony could make
a deposit.
One thing I've learned after six years
is that he doesn't know how to clean
the inside of his car windshield.

Light early evening crowd at the
Broadway and Kolb Macoyo's.

The carne asada tacos I ordered.
Somewhere under that mountain
of cabbage there's a little meat.

Most of what Anthony ate for dinner
was in this bowl.

Anthony's carne asada burro.
It came home with us.