Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day at Culver's

The Sunday dinner and grocery run for Anthony and I included a stop at the Broadway and Prudence Culver's restaurant.

It wasn't terribly busy. We saw a few tables that were obviously celebrating Mother's Day with dinner there.

Our table had a vase of fake flowers on it -- seemed an obvious Mother's Day decoration. Nothing says "thanks mom" more than fake flowers and food on a bun.

Culver's at Broadway and Prudence
on Mother's Day.
Nothing says "I love you mom"
more than fake flowers,
condiments in a cup,
and a wad of napkins.

Anthony's chicken sandwich and
cheese curds on the left.
I had a bacon cheeseburger
and fries (on the right).
We were the biggest
muthas in the joint.