Sunday, May 17, 2015

A shiny bun and extra long French bread

It's Sunday, the day each week that Anthony and I have dinner and go grocery shopping. We're as predictable as the sun coming up or seeing cleavage during an awards show on TV.

Tonight's dinner was at the Broadway and Camino Seco McDonald's. This location is notorious for us because the last time we went there the power went out during an afternoon of monsoon storms. We had just gotten our food when the lights went out last summer and it would have been fun if we ate in the dark, but they did have emergency lights so we ate by emergency lights. Nothing that dramatic happened on this visit.

I had their new 1/3 pound sirloin burger, the "Steakhouse" version and Anthony had a chicken sandwich. The sirloin burger was pretty good. It had grilled onions, swiss cheese, and mushrooms.

The only remarkable thing about the grocery shopping part of our trip at Walmart Neighborhood Market at Broadway and Camino Seco was that the total for the two of us came to under $100 dollars. That hasn't happened in a while, it was kind of exciting.

Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which is a three day weekend for me. It's the first weekday I've had off this year and it'll be enjoyable to get three days in a row of sleeping later.

The Ken and Anthony feast
at McDonald's

My 1/3 pound Steakhouse
Sirloin Burger at McDonald's

Anthony's chicken sandwich at McDonald's.
My, what a shiny bun you have.

French Bread at Walmart Market.
I was impressed by how long it is.
Sounds like a date I've had.

Haaaaaaay Anthony!
I know you don't need this
but I found something for you.
On a side note, the guy in front
of us at the check out actually
bought this product.
And we laughed and laughed...