Monday, May 25, 2015

Flax Seed for your hole and chicken bones in a parking lot

This is the end of the Memorial Day weekend and I have a confession to make: I enjoyed three days off in a row. Don't tell anyone because I have a reputation of refusing to take time off and someone might actually think I liked sleeping in three days in a row.

Anthony and I hung around the house most of the weekend except for a trip to Casino Del Sol to play bingo (I didn't win) and for dinner out and grocery shopping tonight. I also gave Lucky a bath and did my laundry. Once again, I've outdone myself with the fabulous and exciting life I lead.

A few photos from tonight's trip outside of the house:

Dinner at the Speedway and Pantano Arby's.
Going out to eat on Memorial Day
gave us a restaurant all to ourselves.

I had the Smokehouse Turkey (again).
That's a good sandwich.

Walmart Market at Broadway and Camino Seco
did not have a lot of customers either.
I noticed this "Everyday Detox"
and thought of the friends I have
that should use this.

Banquet Meal Starters
It has "meat crumble and textured
vegetable protein".
Sounds like a date I've had.

They named this after my jokes:
Smooth and cheesy

Flax Seed for your hole.
Just add my thumb.

Yoooooo Anthony!
I found some Brewer's Yeast for you.
I have no idea what it does
but it was the only thing I could
get a photo of with you in it.

Someone left their chicken bones
in the Walmart Market parking lot.
I offered to bring them home for
Anthony to gnaw on but he said
he wasn't hungry.
His loss.