Thursday, May 14, 2015

A horse in a TV studio is still a horse, of course

One of the joys of being the Executive Producer of the TV show I work on is the part of my job where I book guests. Since we're a local show, there is not a "booker" person -- whose job would just be booking. I have that included in my daily duties. Some days the job is a curse, other days it's a joy.

Today was one of the joy days because we had Rose Ranch Animal Rescue on and they brought a variety of animals. One of them was a horse. It was a mini-horse, but nonetheless, a horse.

It was awesome to see the expressions of some of my co-workers when I walked in behind the horse as we headed into the studio. It's not one of those things seen in our hallways often, or ever for that matter. Although, this is the second time we've had a horse on the show and in the studio, the first time was about four years ago before I even had this job.

The station staff and viewers of the show have a lot of love for animals, so we were popular today.

I will post the photo of the rather large poop the horse took in the studio when I download photos and sort through them this weekend from another camera. In the meantime, here's a few of the set I took from the camera I used before the show:

The mini horse waits outside
for it's time to go into the TV station

Show host Tina, Michael from Rose Ranch,
Director Chris, and the horse
in the studio before the show

I don't think the horse or Tina
had any idea how to properly
pose for this photo.
But then, some things
are difficult to practice for.