Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Ken Carr car is paid off

Today is 72 months in the making.  I just made the final payment on the Ken Carr car (my Mazda RX-8).

I also have a new life goal:  Never make a car payment again.  I don't know if that's possible (life is always full of surprises) but after six years of $650 per month car payments, I am pretty sure I can't go through that level of sacrifice again.

Unfortunately, in order to afford the last year's worth of paying car payments, I've neglected its maintenance.  I have bald tires (one of which I have to air up every day), the brakes are roached, and it has some sort of fuel leak.  I'll be spending money that I would have been spending on the car payments getting all of that straightened out.  But, the good news is... if I choose to delay those repairs the car won't be repossessed.  It's progress.

Zoom zoom!

Its mine!  All mine!