Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apartment Inspection

One of the joys (ok, not joys) of apartment living is the occasional inspection.

Management is doing a 'bank inspection' of the property today.  Apparently whatever bank has the mortgage on the complex wants to make sure its still there.  I have no idea what they look at (or for) when they do these inspections but I made sure I put my dirty underwear in the clothes hamper.

I hope Lucky doesn't freak out when they come.  He still gets stressed and nervous at every little thing and I've been leaving a radio on when I go to work recently in hopes the music makes him feel better.  He seems to get separation anxiety easily.

If I get home from work tonight and there is no food in the refrigerator I'll know the inspectors helped themselves to free lunch.  I just bought a box of Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes and put them in there (the cakes are better cold) so I'll be disappointed if they are gone before I can eat 'em.

I hope my neighbors leave their dirty underwear on the floor during this inspection...
then I'll look like a cleaner tenant.