Sunday, November 18, 2012

A visit to Michael's Arts and Crafts store

The walls in my office are very plain.  So, I decided to investigate what photo frame options I have at Michael's so I can spruce them up.

I went to the location in Tucson at Broadway and Kolb.  The store is well into gearing up for Christmas.  It smells like a giant potpourri.  And they have aisles and aisles of frames of all sizes, shapes and styles.

Frames are stupidly expensive.  I used to think that medical services were the world's biggest ripoff.  I think photo frames / poster frames are a very close second.  For what they charge, they should come with a handjob.

I ended up buying some 12x12 inch cork squares.  I'm going to try doing something a bit creative.  Now, I just need to go through some of the hundreds of photos I've taken on the Blend show set and pick out some to get printed.

Anthony went with me.  I took a couple of photos of him in the store.

I wouldn't normally post a photo that came out blurry.
However, it was the closest thing I had to getting his face in a shot... hiding behind a family in a picture frame.

Anthony spent eight dollars on two Godiva chocolate bars on display at the cash register.
Hopefully they weren't leftover from last Christmas.