Saturday, November 10, 2012

Anthony's journey to work

Anthony asked me if I would ride with him to work today and bring his car back home.  He's going out with co-workers after work and didn't want to risk driving after have a cocktail.  I was happy to do it.

He drove there, and I drove his SUV back.  Since I was a passenger for half of the excursion, I had the chance to take some pictures. (Click on any photo to see it enlarged)

Here's Anthony... in a rare moment where he couldn't run from the Kenparazzi camera.

Travelling south on Swan Road in Tucson.
Today was really cold, in the 50's.
It is amazing how a 110 degree and a 50 degree day can look exactly the same in a photograph.

The 2012 election was five days ago and there are campaign signs still up.
These were at Golf Links and Swan.
Ironically, Frank Antenori and Todd Clodfelter lost their elections.
It must take longer to take signs down when you lose.

This billboard for 104.1 The Truth is in a good spot to advertise the radio station
to people on their way to the hospital or wanting tacos and carnitas.

Air at Circle K is one dollar for four minutes.
But, checking your air pressure is free and it takes Visa and MasterCard.
Now that is value!

This woman was walking the median near Ajo Way selling newspapers.
In other news, that Cricket store is under new management.
If they need new sales associates, they might consider recruiting out on the median.

This is where Anthony works.

The Pima County Juvenile Court building is relatively large.
It's parking lot is also very empty on Saturday afternoon.

I don't think sign is referring to racquetball.

Side view of the Juvenile Court building.

That dark part above the wall is the roof over the area where juvenile inmates get exercise.
That's much nicer than what I thought they'd get...
a VHS tape of Richard Simmons 'Sweatin' To The Oldies'.

Driving back home... and I ended up following a hearse.
People are dying to ride in this vehicle.