Friday, November 23, 2012

If these shoes could talk

After getting home from Thanksgiving dinner at Coco's, I noticed something unusual near my parking space at Ridgepointe:  A pair of shoes.

Someone (based on what the shoes look like, most likely a female... although you never know) lost a pair of flats.

I wondered, while I was digging my camera out for a photo, what happened that got the shoes there.  Was it a drunk and the shoes magically fell off of someone's feet?  Did a couple fight and the shoes got thrown over there in anger?  Maybe it was a woman who discovered she could fly and when her body went shooting toward the stars the shoes came off.

Its likely I'll never know.  Too bad shoes can't talk.

Discarded shoes next to the parking lot at Ridgepointe.
I would have picked them up but I don't have an outfit to match.