Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Morning Blend behind the scenes: Production meeting

Behind the scenes from the production of a TV show can be interesting to some people.

Working on the Morning Blend can be fun.  But, we're on five days a week for an hour each day and there's a lot of work involved as well.

I tend to find the show itself more exciting than the work that goes into it behind the scenes.  So, most of the photos I take in the studio are while the guests are on and the show is in progress (I post most of those photos to the show's Facebook page.)  Many times I forget to take photos of what happens outside of what is seen on viewer's TV screens.

I was taking photos of the set before our daily production meeting recently, then took a few once the meeting started.

As they say in television, take a look...

The Morning Blend interview set an hour before the show

Amanda, Allison and Ann on set during the production meeting
I stopped taking photos during this meeting after this one because I didn't want them to kill me.