Sunday, November 18, 2012

A tale of two beds

Anthony has decided that the bed is too small.  He wants to get a queen size.

What Anthony wants, Anthony gets.  Mainly because its difficult to talk him out of something when he makes a decision.  He's not unreasonable, just determined.

He found a queen size bed stored at his dad's house that he thought would be perfect.  It was also free.  I am a big fan of free so I agreed to let him get it.

I got some advice many years ago from my parents about acquiring a bed.  Don't buy a used one unless you know who slept on it, how old it is, and what was done on the bed.  I interpreted it as: Know whether the person who had it showered regularly or not, wore the springs out having sex, and whether there were animals (cats or dogs) who used it as their toilet.  And, whether people used it as a toilet.

Anthony and his dad brought the bed over this morning.  It isn't in terrible shape but both the mattress and box spring have some mystery stains, fabric splits, and smells like an ashtray.  Anthony decided tonight to Febreze it to see if that helped the smelling like an ashtray issue and a musky sweat odor presented itself.  The apartment smelled like musky mystery meat that had marinated in a used cigarette.

The bed will be going back from where it came.  Now that I have paid off my car, I'll be saving up the next few months to get a brand new one from a store.  The used bed adventure is over.

I feel bad for Anthony because he had the best of intentions and it didn't work out.  But, sometimes lessons in life have to be learned the hard way.  The smelling like an ashtray / ass sweat / beat up mattress hard way.

The old bed gets a stay of execution.
Its where the magic will continue to happen.

The stale ashtray / ass sweat / used queen size bed that couldn't be fixed with Febreze.