Sunday, December 4, 2016

Return to Cosmic Bingo

Lucinda Holliday, the regular host of Cosmic Bingo at Casino Del Sol, asked me to make a return fill-in appearance to emcee the event while she was out of town over the weekend.

I haven't emceed many events since my departure from working on the radio to being a TV producer. I'm regularly asked by various organizations but I turn most down because it doesn't work well with my current workload and schedule. However, I did say yes to Cakes For Causes event a few weeks ago and I have always had a fondness for Cosmic Bingo, so I said yes to this event.

The night included an ugly sweater contest with cash prizes, and I bought one on Amazon so I would be properly dressed.

I had a lot of fun doing it. The people who were playing bingo didn't boo me out of the building so I think I was good enough to fill in for a hilarious drag queen for one night.

Cosmic Bingo players at Casino Del Sol on 12/3/16

One of the many things that was exciting to see
was the return of the money machine (on the far right of the photo).
Someone took home $460 by having grabby hands.