Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

Anthony and I went to Patty's (his mom) for Christmas brunch. Anthony's aunts (Lisa and Joann) and his brother Michael and Serena (Michael's girlfriend) were also there.

More presents and a delicious meal.

Joann and Anthony

Serena and Michael

Patty, Serena, Michael, Joann

Some of the eats


View looking north from Patty's back door

When you push the button it plays Schroder's theme


My brunch food

Eating action photo

Another eating action photo

Anthony's dressed for winter


Anthony's operating my camera now...
Lisa, Patty, Michael

Stud... muffin

No, I didn't fart although you would never guess
based on the looks on their faces

Michael does this funny voice as "Father Christmas"

Father Christmas is thirsty

Father Christmas with the Christmas tree

Serena and Father Christmas

Time to hand out presents

Patty's excited about this gift

Opening a gift card

Patty, Anthony, Serena, Michael

Anthony and I got her a Nook e-reader

"I'll show you how to use it"

Woohoo! Olive Oil!

My view of everyone

"So, you push this and this happens"

Meanwhile, back at our house....
Lucky chews on Santa.