Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016

Anthony and I hosted some of Anthony's family at our house on Christmas Eve.

We ate a delicious pasta dinner that Anthony prepared and opened presents.

I bought Anthony an Xbox One, an Amazon Dot, and a couple of electric plug switches that working using wifi to turn on and off whatever is plugged into it (like a lamp, which is what we'll likely be using it for).

Anthony gave me a $100 Best Buy gift card, a $150 Amazon gift card, and I received some other gifts as well.

Anthony and his aunts Lisa and Joann

Some of Anthony's Christmas decorations

Serena works on assembling a board game

Lisa brought her dog Cassie.
Lucky came out to investigate and didn't really care that
there was another dog, he retreated to the bathroom after that.

Anthony works on his meat

And by meat, I mean sausages and balls.
What else do you think we'd serve?

Lisa, Serena (Michael's girlfriend), Michael (Anthony's brother),
Paul (Anthony's dad)

Anthony's on the move in the kitchen with his pasta

Dinner is served

Cassie does her impression of a rug

Stockings hung on the fireplace mantle
along with a towel drying from wiping Cassie's paws
after she went out in the rain

Serena and Michael open a gift from Paul

It's a sign

Oooo ahhhh sign

Michael and Serena check out their stockings

Joann, Paul, Anthony

Opening gifts in the stockings


Paul's stocking had coupons from Circle K

Anthony opens his first gift from me, an Amazon gift card


Best Buy gift card!

Arsonist starter kit

Paul got Anthony a tiny library

Paul received a calendar from Anthony

One of the gifts we gave Michael and Serena:
Ghostbusters Yahtzee

Wifi electric plug controllers for Anthony

Gluten free cookbook from Anthony and Ken

I suggested if she really needed something gluten free,
she can eat the cookbook.
One of those jokes that pretty much only I found funny.

Paul the elf opens another gift

Surprise! It's an Xbox One.

Amazon gift card

Joann got me this awesome t-shirt:
"Stay Golden"

Cassie got a squeaky Santa, and Lisa
got one for Lucky, too.

Michael's friend Randall and his girlfriend stopped by
and brought gifts for Serena and Michael