Thursday, December 29, 2016

Final goodbye to the poomobile

I had to hunt down the poomobile after the accident to get the license plate off the car as well as make sure I had all of the items I own out of the car.

I ended up after several stops at Insurance Auto Auction on east Irvington. They brought the car out on a forklift for me to go through. It's officially totaled but fortunately for me, the insurance company for the guy that caused the accident will pay what the car is worth and gap insurance will cover the rest.

This is the Chevy Trax I had for a few days as a rental
from Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Sitting in the waiting area at Insurance Auto Auction
for them to retrieve the poomobile so I could get the
license plate and other items from the car

One last look at the crash damage to the poomobile.
It looks like the collision estimators made marks on the car
to indicate the areas that sustained damage.
They had to put plastic wrap on the top to keep rain out
as well as a big piece of tape to keep the trunk closed

Squiggles seem to indicate where the body buckled
in areas forward of the trunk

The car is going to be sold for salvage.
Goodbye poomobile, you were nice reliable transportation
around Tucson and for our trip to Vegas
in the summer of 2016