Sunday, December 4, 2016

ChicKEN strips and abandoned bobby pins

End of another weekend. I pushed myself a little too hard this week apparently, because I slept quite a bit over the weekend. Just when I think I'm a little caught up on sleep... it's back to work tomorrow.

I ended the weekend on the usual Sunday dinner and grocery run. Anthony worked earlier today at his second job at the library so he wasn't up for going, so I went alone.

It's ok though because I learned how to walk to and shop at the grocery store alone when I was eight years old and traveled three blocks to get my mom stuff to make dinner including across a busy street with a stoplight. I carried everything myself and learned how to count money early so I wouldn't get screwed by the cashier. I started being independent early in life. Reeeeeal early.

Dinner alone at Raising Cane's.
If Anthony had come with me, he would have been sitting here.

ChicKEN strips, toast, fries, and that weird brown dipping sauce
they give you at Raising Cane's

Twizzlers left with chips at Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Chips Ahoy left to die with the Oreos

Someone's going to have tragic hair later.
Hair pins left in the cookie aisle.

Timeless Joy Sparkling Spruce air freshener
left with Western Horse and Gun Magazine.
That's one way to make a horse smell fresher.